Sensational Live!

Pay per view live web broadcasting for everyone

Welcome to Sensational Live!

…the easy way to make your live web streaming events pay per view, and so sell to the biggest market there is.

Sensational Live creates a payment gateway to live (and recorded) streamed events. Its quick and simple to embed on your website, is controlled by you, and allows you to market your event to a global online audience. The gateway can be used on as many web sites as you want, it has loads of great features, and is free to use.

Events take place every day that have a huge potential audience - theatre, music, sports fixtures, lectures, but actual audiences at the venue make up only a fraction of that potential – webcasting changes all this, by offering a broadcast solution that can easily reach 1, or 1 million viewers, anywhere in the world.

Web broadcasting is a phenomenal technology, but how do you make money from it? With a simple copy and paste of a few lines of code, Sensational Live does all the hard work for you, and makes achieving it a breeze.

How does it work?

A simple and effective gateway to any LIVE webcast, right there on your website.

  • As easy to embed as a Youtube video.
  • No upfront costs - you make money from every ticket sold (even if you only sell 1!).
  • Simple and intuitive for users.
  • Simple and intuitive for event managers.
  • A powerful control panel - setup takes minutes.
  • Real time user details during your event.
  • Great security features built in.
  • Give sponsors fantastic exposure for a great price; a powerful voucher system is built in. 
  • Using the worlds biggest broadcast networks (all of them) - broadcast from 1 to 1 million - imagine the possibilities!
  • Built using the latest social media programming techniques - reach your full potential.            

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