Sensational Live!

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Snooker Legends

Snooker Legends in the UK host exhibition matches between snooker masters of the past and present. The matches are always of the highest quality, and are always great fun. They regularly sell out theatres with 400 or more seats in England, and that is their core business. As well, the matches are always videoed for the live screens at the venue, and for sale on DVD later.

Now add in the massive snooker fan bases in the US, Canada, Eastern Europe, China and Russia, and add a few hundred thousand potential seats to the 400 in the venue. For the tiny effort of using Sensational Live on their site, and the minimal extra cost of a live video encoder ... you do the maths!

This is one of the clearest demonstrations of the power live to web broadcasting offers event organisers!

Ice Hockey League matches

Hull Stingrays are a premiere ice hockey club, playing in the league in the north of England. They have a big local following, but also a following around the world. For every match, they produce an exciting multi-camera production, and using Sensational Live, they are selling tickets to watch the live stream, exactly the same way they sell tickets at the door - meaning fans who can't be there on the night can watch remotely.

They have sponsors who use the voucher system to subsidise a quantity of free tickets via promotional offers for every match - the sponsors get great exposure for a fraction of the perceived value (sponsored tickets only cost the broadcast costs, not face value), and the fans who can't be there have a chance of watching their team for free.

This is a great example of how Sensational Live is enabling global delivery of live events around the world!

Miracle Network

Miracle Network in the UK is a training organisation who supports students of A Course of Miracles. They organise events where motivational speakers come and give day long seminars to students. By using Sensational Live, they not only sell tickets to these events in London, but they also sell tickets online - leveraging their growing database of user email addresses.

At a recent event, a speaker flew in from the US to deliver a seminar in London to 70 students, who paid for the day. By using Sensational Live, he was joined online by a virtual audience from 20 different countries, representing every continent!

A true demonstration of the power of web broadcasting, this small seminar in West London was watched by a paying audience from around the world. Extraordinary!