Terms and Conditions

This document set out the entire agreement between you ('you') and us ('Sensationallive' or 'us').

By agreeing to this document you are agreeing to be legally bound by its terms and conditions set out below


  1. You will provide us with a digital download of content intended to be broadcast by us on your behalf in the form of a downloadable live or recorded video stream of your event to which we will add a gateway mechanism for payment by your customers for the event.
  2. The said gateway is to be in the form of an embedded object on your website.
  3. The form of the digital download supplied by you to us shall be called 'digital download'


  1. You shall be responsible for creating the digital download and delivering it to the content delivery network at Sensationallive (details of which have been given to you and are detailed in your control panel) via the broadband connection at the event venue.
  2. You shall be solely responsible for the contents of the digital download.
  3. Sensationallive shall be responsible for the actual streaming from this point excepting its contents.
    Note: the digital download received by us is all that can and will be, broadcast - we undertake to make no changes to its content and can only broadcast what we receive.
  4. Your broadband upload limit will be set to 1mbps. The digital download may be split between different broadcast rates should you prefer, but our strong recommendation is that you upload a single digital download only at a single bitrate of between 300 and 700kbps, as that will give a higher quality result, and, we believe, a better experience for your viewers. Please see our tutorials for our recommended broadcast setups.


  1. Sensationallive will be responsible for the collection from customers of all revenues from the event and distribution of funds within a reasonable time of the event completion. Typically we aim to distribute these funds ('final distribution') within 15 working days of the event completion.
  2. Upon completion of your event you will be responsible for providing us with an invoice for the profit element of the event (defined as total revenue less total ticket cost - see '3' below). This must include VAT if applicable - hence your invoice total should include VAT if you are VAT registered.
  3. The price you shall pay to us for each ticket sold is shown as 'Ticket Cost' in your control panel which will include all Paypal transaction charges, bandwidth charges, and local taxes as applicable.
  4. Should it be necessary to make refunds, you may issue refund notices and, provided Sensationallive receives a copy of the said notice immediately, we will pay on your behalf the sum to be refunded if prior to final distribution (notifying you of the same) although you will be charged �0.20 per transaction to cover Paypal charges.
  5. After final distribution all refunds will be your responsibility alone

Broadcast conditions

You undertake that the content of your digital download to us is not be slanderous of any individual or class of individuals nor shall it contain any material of a salacious or explicit sexual nature.

There should be no expression of extreme political or religious views nor should there be any descriptions or scenes of gratuitous violence.

In all cases while exercising a reasonable and tolerant approach Sensationallive will be the sole arbiter of breaches of the above conditions and reserves the right to immediately close down any broadcast in breach of this condition and their decision in this respect shall be final.